A lamb is a sheep of age not over one year sometimes also referred to as a sheep that has not weaned yet. In most communities and in religion, it is used symbolically as a comparison for harmless, gentle and innocent beings due to its tenderness and delicate nature. Being a sheep, its body is covered in wool the thickness depending on its species.

Choosing a lamb for cooking;

If you are looking at some lamb chop recipes, there are various things to consider while making the choices for a lamb to cook. The following are things to consider.


The type of occasion will highly determine since there are instances which in certain settings, some parts or certain colored lams are prohibited. In certain religions, during sacrifices it is believed that the lamb has to be of uniform color.  Number of people  The number of people to feed is another aspect to consider. If the number is large, then one might have to consider choosing more than one lamb.


Different people have different beliefs. In certain cultures, the head of a lamb is supposed to be buried while others use it as food.  Availability of lamb  If lamb is not available locally, one is recommended to shop and ship early before the intended hour of use.

Age of the lamb

Since it is supposed to be tender meat, if the lamb is too old its meat will be tougher.  Size of the lamb  If a lamb is too small, then it might not be enough for the intended crowd. If again its too big, the body fat might be undesirable to the users.  There are particular things that are considered important before cooking a lamb.

Below are the five most important;

  • The way to cook it

The choice of the cooking method is very important. This mostly differs with the setting preferences. Some people like it roasted, boiled and others fried. The thing here is to understand the intended group to consume the product. Of course one can chose to prepare e piece for each method in order to keep everyone satisfied.

  • The best parts for cooking

Different parts of a lamb have a specific way of preparing. There are parts that require cutting to smaller pieces, others that require through cleaning and others for specific purposed. For a long time, it has been that the highest flavour of a lamb exists in the bone and specifically the marrow part. If one intends to prepare soup, the limbs are highly nutritious for such. It is also recommended that certain parts are cut in a very specific pattern.

  • How to store it

Lamb can be stored raw in the freezer just like any other type of meat. However, to ensure that its flavour is not lost in storage, a good airtight wrap should be applied. After cooking, due to the high natural flavours, lamb can only last for so long before spoiling.  ·The kind of recipe to follow in your cooking.  There exist a lot of recipes to prepare lamb successfully. The only thing is which best suits your kitchen setting, taste and the available ingredients.

  • Food additives to use

Spices can be used to add flavouring to the lamb. However, marinade is not necessary for this type of meat since the tendering is not needed. Lamb is naturally tender.

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